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Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine

What to expect from us?  First, a complete medical review and examination are done before a health plan and nutritional protocol are placed in motion.  Normally, this requires approximately 60-90 minutes during your first consultation.  Follow up appointments are scheduled to review any lab results and to assess further treatments.

 Meridian-Meditation, Neurotris, and/or nutrition therapy are always done in either alone or in conjunction with standard medical treatment, if necessary.

 Dr. Amaya's goal is to ultimately help each patient reach their optimal health, maximum nutrition, and to release and remove all negative emotions, and by doing so, the patients achieve relief of their physical symptoms and attain a higher level of health.  I design each treatment according to the individual’s needs as everyone is different.  

we have dedicated the past 20 years to help patients and believe in a unique and customized approach for each and every one.

"I love that Dr. Amaya and her office staff took the time to learn about my issues before presenting an insightful health plan that was ultimately responsible for getting me walking without pain and making me feel younger . Thanks, Dr.A !"

          -- R. Smith

"When my Mom's health took a turn for the worse, we didn't know where to turn for help. Fortunately, we'd heard about Dr. Amaya from the local hospital and from our first consultation we knew our Mom was in caring, capable hands."

          -- T. Speaks 

Celeste Amaya, MD - Functional and Integrative Medicine

                                     Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Call: 760-346-7791            74000 Country Club Dr. Suite J1, Palm Desert, CA 92260 /