FP is an 89 years young gentleman with a history of coronary artery disease, multiple bypass graft surgeries, and COPD who began having some breathing difficulty with a cold he was nursing.  The cold evolved into bronchitis and his health began to decline rapidly during the following 2 weeks with increased shortness of breath, wheezing, leg numbness, coughing, weight loss, weakness and loss of appetite. The standard work up was performed including blood work, x-rays, CT scans, as well as the standard medications were given to him, but there was no improvement.  Again, with significant skepticism, he allowed me to perform Meridian Therapy  and after 2 sessions given a week apart, he came in for his follow up visit a week after the last session and reported that he was no longer coughing, his breathing was back to normal, his weight had returned, as well as his appetite.  My lung exam confirmed his report of normal breathing—it was completely clear.  Before he left my office, he remarked that he was amused that even his stress levels were down.


KM is an 82 years young lady with a history of hypertension, breast and lung cancer and dealing with many years of low back pain that radiates to the foot and golfing came to a halt. She had been through the standard work up in the past, including the x-rays and MRI’s, been given the usual pain medications, and went through physical therapy and massage. By the time she came to me with her issues, she wanted me to just refer her to pain management, which I did.  I discussed with her Meridian Therapy and could see her skepticism, but she allowed me to perform it. After 2 sessions given a week apart, she experienced complete resolution of her pain to her surprise.  As a result, she did not require treatment with pain management.  She remains pain-free to this day.

One cannot treat the symptoms without first addressing the true underlying cause, and vice-versa, especially if the cause is not structural or anatomical.  The mind-body connection is key to understanding how Meridian EFT-Tapping therapy works.

​​Celeste L. Amaya, M.D.​