Dr. Amaya is a functional and integrative medicine physician, board certified

in internal medicine with a working philosophy that has always been to respect

the patient not as a collection of fragments, but as a whole entity.  It wasn’t

long before she discovered the inadequacies of conventional medicine and

decided to include Eastern healing methods in all individualized treatment

plans for her patients from meditation to nutritional transformation achieving

much greater results.   We emphasize focus on the individual, not the

disease.  We believe that it is simply not enough to treat the symptoms but to

find the underlying cause, whose source involves not just a body part or an abnormal lab function, but also the person as a whole, taking into account the complexity of interactions of the mind, body and spirit relationship.

Dr. Amaya uses Western and Eastern treatments to restore balance and to promote wellness.  She believes in a team approach where patients and doctors work together to discover the best treatment possible to achieve optimal wellness.     

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Goal:  Learn how to use Meridian-Meditation Therapy to manage stress, anxiety, and sleep.

Learn how sitting still with yourself can help you take back control of your health without added medications.

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2019 Desert Health Wellness Awards:  Dr. Amaya was nominated a finalist for the Integrative Practice Award

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Dr. Amaya

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Celeste Amaya, MD - Functional and Integrative Medicine

                                     Board Certified in Internal Medicine

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