Our office is proud to be one of the Coachella Valley's top  medical practices  and  the only one to offer wellness and  mindfulness-based medicine  therapy in conjunction with conventional treatments as featured in  Palm Springs Life Magazine.

We DO NOT believe that prescription medications are the answer to every  medical need.  We believe that the basis for understanding why wellness and mindfulness-based therapy  are effective is to first understand what physical  pain and disease really are.  Both physical pain and disease are intricately woven into all negative emotions and stress.  Health problems we experience create a feedback system.  For example, our physical symptoms trigger emotional distress, and similarly, unresolved emotional issues manifest themselves through physical symptoms. Therefore, to maintain the body’s health and ability to heal, the problems must be approached appreciating the body as a single unit, every physiological system interconnected.  One cannot treat the symptoms without first addressing the true underlying cause, and vice-versa, especially if the cause is not structural or anatomical.  The mind-body connection is key to understanding how  we can achieve full control of our health.

In addition , we offer our patients personalized I.V. therapies and tailored vitamin  infusions to achieve natural levels of WELLNESS , ENERGY, and YOUTHFULNESS.  

We connect all the dots that are necessary to treat the body-mind as a whole.

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