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Dr. Celeste Amaya discusses the benefits of Integrated Medicine, where East meets West, to help her patience thrive, not just survive.

Desert Health News Articles -- Easts Meets West

by Celeste Amaya, MD

2019 Desert Health Wellness Awards:  Dr. Amaya was nominated a finalist for the Integrative Practice Award

This episode, Dr. Amaya visits with two of her patience to discuss the effects of integrated treatments, and the results they've experienced.

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Podcast Living Better through Integrated Medicine

by Celeste Amaya, MD

Desert Meridian Wellness

Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine



​​Episode 3

Celeste Amaya, MD - Functional and Integrative Medicine

                                     Board Certified in Internal Medicine

This episode, Dr. Amaya talks with her patients about their first hand experiences with integrated medicine and her Meridian treatment. 

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