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I get asked all the time, "What is Meridian Access Therapy and Meridian-Meditation?" They are the main tools derived from Eastern healing techniques based on EFT that I use to facilitate patient healing from the inside out and do not require prescription medications to do so.  Many patients have asked also if they are mutually exclusive, performed separately or together (Meridian-Meditation)?"  They can be used separately or together.  There are definite and significant advantages to bringing them together.  Before I go into these powerful healing methods, we begin with my journey, my story. 

I completed my residency training in Internal Medicine in 1999 at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, now Drexel University School of Medicine, and relocated to the Palm Springs area to begin my practice.  As a physician in solo practice, I was very fortunate in being able to know each patient personally, as individuals, and not just the sum of their parts and organ diseases.  The medicine I practiced for years was confined to conventional Western methods.  I knew all the drugs, tests, blood work, scans and appropriate specialists.  I did this for about 16 years before I was frustrated that I wasn't really helping anyone at all, at least not to the extent I wanted and that they deserved.  Everyone deserves to not only survive but thrive.  

In 2015, I reached a point where my frustration from not making a real difference in anyone with chronic sickness threw me into the crossroads of either seriously considering leaving medicine altogether, a career that was built on many sleepless nights of hard mental and physical work or choosing to take a different direction with my medicine.  It ended up taking the form of incorporating ancient Eastern healing methods into my Western practice and from that point on, for the first time, I saw an overwhelming rise in the number of successful cases, in which the patients, for the first time, saw their illnesses resolve completely.

There is a sense of tremendous contentment when a physician knows and the patient acknowledges that he/she is "cured."  My initial research at first took me to the importance of recognizing stress as a vital factor in the majority of our disease states.  Once recognized, our patients understood the detrimental power of stress, but their questions always led to, "Ok, I believe you when you tell us that stress is a real contributing factor to illness, but what do you suggest I do?"

During one of my late-night research marathons, I came upon a method called EFT.  It consists of applying light repetitive pressure from the finger tips to specific points called Meridian acupressure convergent or end points.  Meridian channels are what acupuncturists target when they place the needles through the skin.  This action then "unblocks" the channels, allowing energy or chi, if you will, within our body to flow freely, thus clearing the disease or disease symptoms by allowing restoration of balance.  The Meridian channels can be seen on electron microscopy images.

Once I began performing and teaching Meridian to my patients, the positive response was overwhelming.  Patients with decades of pain and other chronic health issues, are now able to thrive at a higher level, many with no further need for prescription medications.  Recently, with the newest addition of Meridian-Meditation clinics, patients have been elevating their health to the next level, optimizing their memory and brain function, achieving more peace and contentment in their lives, feeling more confident, centered, focused and happy.  Hence, they are sleeping well, creating a life of passion and noticing how they seem to now have the ability to slow time down.

We invite you to join our journey.

Dr. Amaya

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My Story: Internal Medicineto Integrati​ve and Functional Medicine